International Immersion exchange Spain&Great Britain

Would you like to be a partner schools?

Our partner school in Valencia (Spain) is the international school
„Entrenaranjos International School“ and is looking for partners for this exchange project.

Link: https://entrenaranjosinternationalschool.com/

The Spanish private school already receives international students for long time immersion (6-12 month) and now wants to offer short time immersion exchange programs with English partners for the future too. The school asked us to be the connection point between the countries to guarantee productive partnerships and smooth organization with experienced partners.

The Goal of the program

  • Complete integration for 2 weeks in Spain and 2 weeks in Great Britain.
  • Live with your Spanish/English partner students (buddy) in their host family.
  • Experience Spanish/English culture/lifestyle in Spain and Great Britain with your buddy.
  • Attend school every day and do activities and trips with your host family.
  • Get new friends abroad for life time.

    Students attend school every day from Monday – Friday and are fully integrated into the school environment. The host families will take care of all meal, accommodation and social life during their stay.

Why could this program be interesting for students/the partner school?

  • Low costs for everyone: flight, insurance and organization fee for agency.
  • NO accommodation costs.
  • NO teaching costs.
  • This kind of program is an economic way for students to learn and live abroad.

When is the best time for this 4 week program?

Dates for this program could be in January or February. But we are open for your suggested dates.
Preparation time: 6 months

Where is our partner school in Valencia?


If you are interested in this kind of project we kindly ask you to send us an email.

Your contact person: Mr. Andreas Bichler

Email: office@schoolsensations.com.

Phone: 0034 665015795

Clip of our partner school in Valencia

“Entrenaranjos International School”

Promotion-Clip of Valencia

Pics of the school in Valencia