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Educational school trips

Schoolsensations is expert in educational school trips to destinations in Europe and worldwide. We offer a whole program for groups and individuals and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Our programs are fully organized and supervised from the first minute.

Language camps

Are you looking for an ideal language camp to learn German, Spanish, French, Italian in summer?
Enjoy our full organized programs with language course in the mornings and funny any and interesting activities, sport and excursions in the afternoons and weekends.

Language & sport camps

Language and sport camps are perfect if you want to improve your language skills and become a famous sport athlete. We offer a whole range of different sport camps like soccer, tennis, water sport, horse riding, adventure, climbing camps and many more…
Most wanted: NIKE Football camp, NIKE Tennis camp, Adventure camp for English and German, Harry Potter Camp, Valencia Basket Camp, …

School travel

Trips for students, schools and individuals. We organize the whole trip for you: transportation (flight, bus, train, …), accommodation, meals, visits and activities, guides, travel insurance, …

Immersion program / school integration programs

For groups and for individuals. Short & Long term.
Students attend school every day from Monday – Friday and are fully integrated into the school environment. The selected host families will take care of both meals and accommodation during their stay in order to benefit 100% of the language. Afternoon activities and weekend activities makes the program so popular.

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