Work Experience in London

Work Experience in London is providing professional one to one work placement opportunities to EU students with following services:

Program Features:

Ø Work experience programmes in KBM Group
Ø Where:@our Park Royal Premises in London
Ø When: all Year around, starting any Monday
Ø Duration: from 2 to 12 weeks
Ø Part-time and Full-time Options
Ø Various Sectors Available
Ø Tutoring and Monitoring
Ø End of Work Experience Certificate
Ø Letter of Reference from KBM Group

Sectors available for the Work Experience in London Programme:

Ø Secretarial and Administration Sectors
Ø Information Technology (IT)
Ø Web Design
Ø Social Media Marketing
Ø Marketing & Sales
Ø Human Resources
Ø Receptionist
Ø Coordination
Ø Education

And many more…

Contact and Information:

Andreas Bichler